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Welcome to Slantcho JSC

Slantcho JSC has been producing instant infant food on grain basis, wheat crunchies and cereals since 1979. In 2012 the company expanded its portfolio of baby food by starting the production of baby purees in the following varieties: fruit, vegetable and meat-and-vegetable purees, desserts and gruels. All Slantcho products are made of carefully selected raw materials, under strict observation of the good manufacturing practices and the successfully implemented ISO and HACCP principles. In July, 2014., the quality management system, has been susessfully certified to the world's food scheme FSSC 22000. The Slantcho team has the ambition to develop and offer products meeting the European standards and trends, as well as to continuously monitor their customers’ satisfaction.

Baby Gruels

Baby Gruels

Slantcho baby gruels are produced from high-quality raw materials, under constant control guaranteeing a quality that meets the European baby food standards. For 30 years now our baby gruels have been a symbol of delicious, quality baby food.

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Baby purees

In 2012, Slantcho started producing baby purees.
With these also, the team of technologists has kept the good tradition of controlling the raw materials, as well as the careful development of various recipes.

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Wheat Sticks

Пшенични пръчици

The Slantcho wheat sticks have had a thirty-year history.
Apart from the classic taste, you can also find wheat sticks with the following flavours: grilled chicken, bacon, cheese fries and butter.

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Grain Products

Зърнени храни

Healthy oat flakes, hulled wheat and high-quality flours are produced in Slantcho JSC.
The specially processed rice, oat and wheat flours that are further used in the making of our baby gruels are also produced in the mill.

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