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Milk Gruel with Apple

4+ месецаcorn starch, rice flour, full cream milk powder, sweet whey powder, 15% applesauce, sugar and vitamin mix.

Does not contain gluten, colorants, preservatives or artificial flavours.

This baby food is enriched with 11 vitamins and has as natural ingredients irreplaceable amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids and microelements necessary for your child’s healthy growth.

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Product Description

Content per 100 grams of dry product:

  • Energy value – 344 kcal/ 1441 kJ
  • Proteins – 7.9g
  • Fat– 5g
  • Carbohydrates-67g
Directions for use:

> 4th month: 25 g of dry substance, 135 ml boiled water cooled down to 30˚C. One serving amounts to 150 ml.
> 5th month: depending on the child’s appetite, the amounts of dry product and water can increase proportionally.> 6 months – dry gruel- 40 grams, boiled and chilled to 30˚, water 180 ml, volume of one portion – 200 ml.

Breast milk is best for your baby.
This product does not substitute breast milk.